Monday, December 15, 2008

Stewards of Innocence

Having small and maturing young children in my home I am beginning to see the 'pull' the systems of our world (economic (UGG's), cultural and social) can have on children. As exciting as it is to begin to see kids step into young adulthood I am still a bit reticent to send untrained soldiers into the 'live fire' of the world. For this reason I see why so many families are literally frightened by all that would corrupt the hearts and minds of their little ones. Yet I am confident that our Father in Heaven has plans for our/His children which do not lead to destruction.

Touching on this subject wells up considerable fear and theological discussion so I will leave the issues of Gods sovereignty to Him and encourage each of us to throw ourselves at the feet of the One who entered this dark and destructive world to make things that were wrong right. I also encourage all parents to throw themselves at the feet of Christ and beg for His mercy. We also live in a corrupt world. May our example of walking in brokenness inspire our little ones to walk with courage and faith through a world where men will dissapoint and systems will fail. Yet our Father in heaven is unchanging and always faithful to sustain us body and soul.

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