Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fixing a Problem With a Problem

This morning I heard our President say how "sorry" he was that during these difficult times he has had to walk away from free market theory and turn to more government oriented solutions to the free market. Well, as anyone who has studied history or had a flat tire knows you cannot fix a problem with a flawed solution - you only put off further problems. Duct tape will only hold for so long! History shows even kings can't create an heir by looking for a better wife. The 'problem' is theirs.

In considering how 'we' live and our daily personal, family and cultural problems I wonder how 'unorthodox' our fixes or solutions are? Since you can't make something whole that is broken what are we basing the solutions to our family, personal and even financial difficulties upon?

From raising kids to the economics of a household we need a standard. Any solution just won't do (at least not for our house)!

May I suggest a good start would be to read Psalm 1 several times a week and choose a Proverb a day through the holidays and going forward as a way of moving towards making un-orthodox thinking more orthodox. Maybe even resolving to read the Bible in 2009 all the way through? I don't have the solutions any more than the "authority" on CNBC this morning, but I know that the Giver of life wrote THE book that will help us think more orthodox and begin to see things from His subjective point of view. In that way perhaps we will begin to see how all things actually do work together for our collective good? Just a thought!

Grace and Peace