Monday, June 30, 2008

Lead With Your Strengths

Several years ago at a Strategic Coach event I heard Dan Sullivan encourage our group to "lead with our strengths." In thinking about this over time I have seen men and women, professional golfers, and loving and caring parents work diligently on their weaknesses while encouraging their children to do the same.

God has made us all unique with different gifts and callings on our lives, and I want to encourage you to work on the things you are good at doing and spend much less time on things you are weak in. As we, and our children, develop the callings and skills God has uniquely given us we build confidence and awareness that, though we are unique, He can use us all in His service and no two of us have to look alike.

Spend some time studying your children (old and young!) and encourage them in the things they are already strong and gifted. When a report card comes home with four A's and a C on which do we focus. What do they love that can be built upon as a skill or talent? How can you encourage your family to move towards what they are interested and good at?

Investing a few minutes and a couple of conversations can pay big dividends as young adults grow into adulthood.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Weight of Wealth

For those who have felt The Weight of Wealth, or the WOW factor as a friend called it, no real explanation is needed. Recently, I was discussing with a client and friend this WOW factor at great length, and he described the questions he had concerning his children and grandchildren. How much should I leave them? When should I leave it for them? Would they be better or worse stewards if they received an inheritance early rather than late? Even greater was the Weight he felt in light of the significant wealth he had been entrusted and the needs of our world and God's Kingdom. All of these are good questions that need to be discussed. Scripture is replete with examples of good and bad stewardship, and our culture today is no less representative.

I rarely run into anyone who wants to be a 'poor steward,' but I often run into those who are laboring with the big questions alone due to the barriers of wealth or the inability of their spiritual leaders to relate or consult. This blog will be a biblically based resource for those of us who desire wisdom in the area of the money and possessions. There are also several other invaluable resources out there I will highlight as we progress. Feel free to add your two cents or resources you find that should be shared.


Tom Grimm