Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Necessary Roadblocks

Have you ever wondered why so many times things just don't go the way you wish? I have. More than a thousand times I would guess! Yet for the man or woman loved by God could the hindrance be a "Providential hindrance"?

From my reading of scripture God of the Universe is sovereign and mindful of our needs. That said, it is hard to explain so many things. But for the man I met who was stopped in traffic and made late for his meetings on the 42nd floor of the Trade Centers of New York on September 11 that 'hindrance', which he saw before the towers were hit as a 'roadblock' ended for his good.

Perhaps we need more of the mind of God to understand our days and what appear to be "roadblocks"? I know that today I have seen at least four unplanned, and one very difficult, experiences in my own life...yet I am confident they were not without reason. Just thinking.

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